Ordinateurs Laval is proud to celebrate the 20th anniversary of FertiSoft, our specialized medical records software for infertility treatment clinics. This software is used around the world and remains one of the best achievements of Jean-Paul Bleau. Here are some pictures that have marked his story.

FertiSoft Affiche Large

BannerFertisoft Medium

FCNEViewFromParking 1999 Small FCNE BloodRoom 1999 FCNE FertiSoft Screen 1999
FCNE Office 1999 FCNE OrdersReview 1999 FCNE JP bureau Sept2001
FCNE ServerRoom 2000 Hong Kong Women's Clinic 2003 Hong Kong Clinic 2003
Hong Kong Chinese Office 2003 Hong Kong Lab 2003 Hong Kong Lunch 2003
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ASRM SanDiego 2000 ASRM SanDiego 2000 ASRM SanDiego 2000
ASRM Orlando Oct 2001 ASRM Orlando Oct 2001 ASRM Montreal 2005
ASRM Montreal 2005 CA World JP Session 2000 CA World JP Session with Dalila 2000